Friday 28 November 2008

Grant Gilbert (Double G Studios) Guest Speaker 21.11.08

Studied Motion Graphics 20 years ago at Stockport College. Went freelance when he returned from working for ‘Attic’ in New York. 2 years ago he set up name, ‘Double G Studios’ – to give his business more ‘gravitus’. Although he works freelance, he likes to sit in with another company to bounce ideas about. He also finds that working with new people all the time acts like a constant refresher course for him. 

Involved with Channel 5 rebrand, Channel 4 music promo, More 4 identity promo animations (with ‘Spin’ company), BBC 1 rebrand (via Redbee company). Showed us the development of animation for More 4 – a lengthy process - & a strikingly simple and impressive final result (overlapping & repeating simple shapes, transparencies & shadows). He believes “ the simple ideas always work the best”. BBC1 a particularly difficult client because license-payer’s money involved. Took us through the stages of getting the circle theme approved & how they came up with a new rounded fonts, using ‘Fontsmith’ company. Media coverage “1.2M costs” & “Hippo Potty’.

Grant Gilbert believes it is important to work in an office with others, so can bounce ideas off each other. I can see that this is vital for the sort of re-branding graphics work that he does, but I don’t think it is so necessary for an illustrator to work in this way. He can spend 70% of his time pitching for work, compared with 30% through recommendations. He often works by day on one job & pitches for another job later in the evening. He loves the work and has the most fun “when no-one interferes”. He is also a judge & foreman on DA & AD awards & said “the simple always stands out”.


  1. anna his name was grant gilbert not frank haha x

  2. whoops! I thought I was missing something that's why its double G!