Monday 4 March 2013

Brave New World

I got round to reading Brave New World (Aldous Huxley 1932) over christmas, so I could enter the Folio book competition.
In c7th after Ford, genetic engineering, brainwashing and  recreational use of sex and drugs have been used to create an ideal society, full of happy consumers. But what if you were born outside this Brave New World, in a Savage Reservation where the old 'imperfect' life still continues? A very entertaining and thought-provoking dystopian fable.

These are my finished images for the book, plus a sketch for the cover.

Lenina, a genetically-engineered, pneumatic, blue-eyed innocent, who happily works in the baby factory in chapter one. I see her made from a bottle with various bottle-fittings.
"she had never seen anything so indecent...revolting viviparous scene". Lenina's view of a breastfeeding woman from the Savage Reservation in chapter three. She's an oozing, dripping rock-painting.
"he picked up the whip and began hitting himself again." John the Savage, born outside the Brave New World is moral, naive, and believes you should suffer and work to earn your desires. I see him crudely put together from wood, complete with knots and burrs, flaying and stripping his own bark.
Unfortunately, I didn't make the top 25 entries, but I enjoyed the attempt. To see who did, take a look at

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