Friday 22 January 2016

Walking Welly Tree

Also found these photos from over a decade ago from a workshop I ran with children, aged 6yrs and under, for a Walking Welly Tree. The children painted old shoes and wellies with acrylic paints and added wings, too. I then set them up as part of Chorlton Festival's walking arts trail in Chorlton Ees, which ran for a week.

Tree sprites workshop

Found some of my old photos of tree sprites from a workshop I ran with children from Brookburn Primary School (Reception) about 10 years ago. Set up as part of Chorlton Arts Trail, Chorlton Arts Festival. Made with modelling clay and natural materials (twigs, leaves, twine).

clay modelling with children

elephant - clay bisque-fired then painted

fired with oxides

triceratops - fired with oxides

elephant - bisque-fired

mouse - fired and glazed

seal - self-hardening clay & paint

Sunday 17 January 2016

Craft & junk-modelling sessions with children

Involved in craft/junk-modelling sessions with children (6-11 yrs), as part of ECP (Everyone Can Play, Grumpy, Manchester), Aug 2014 - Dec 2015. Using the wonderful materials from Grumpy's scrapstore in Salford - which sadly closed last month
Here are some photos of work from some of the sessions.

School visit

Visiting artist at local school (year 2). Christmas card workshop based around settlements project.