Friday 27 June 2014

A townie's trip to the Cheshire Show

I had a townie's trip to the Cheshire Show last week. 

Middle-whites & Saddleback pigs, Shirehorses

I was fascinated by the judging of the farm animal breeds. The shire horses looked magnificent with their rosettes, plaited manes and well-groomed hair, while the shire foals were all legs and tiny curls. The Jersey cows were surprisingly bony, but their udders were very full. The Saddleback pigs and Middle-whites were being guided around a small ring with the curved end of a walking stick, and a big board was  used to block them from going the wrong way. Suddenly, it was all action in the neighbouring ring, when a large male duroc pig reared up against its handlers! This breed has long legs and looks quite fearsome. Afterwards, the judge made hand gestures suggesting the pig was only fit for slaughter, so no rosettes for him.
Suffolk & Jacobs sheep, Jersey cows

It was very calm in comparison in the sheep rings. The black-faced Suffolk and Jacob's sheep were waiting patiently while they were examined by the judges. They looked very neat and chunky with their close-textured wool. But it was the black and white Alpine English dairy kids that I fell in love with, with their way of half-climbing up the bars to get a better look at each other and any passers by.

Here are some of my sketches of my favourite characters.
Alpine English


  1. Thanks Heather, I've started using a sketchbook with a background tone which makes sketching much quicker!