Saturday 18 February 2012

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories

Here is my (alas, unsuccessful) submission for House of Illustration's recent competition, with The Folio Society. The competition was to illustrate The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter, a collection of ten short stories, closely based on fairytales.
The Bloody Chamber is a dark, gothic tale, based on Bluebeard, with blood, corpses, keys, pornography, lots of lilies and a mother who rescues her daughter in the nick of time.

"You never saw such a wild thing as my mother...her hair was her white mane, her black lisle legs exposed to the thigh, her skirts tucked around her waist, one hand on the reins of the rearing horse while the other clasped my father's service revolver..."
The Company of Wolves is an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood.
"The forest closed upon her like a pair of jaws"
Puss in Boots is a romp with the cat as a con-man.
"I went about my ablutions, tonging my leg stuck in the air like a ham bone...Love? I withdrew my head from my privates and fixed him with my most satiric smile..."

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