Wednesday 28 December 2011

Alice in Wonderland exhibition

Have just been to see a fascinating exhibition at Tate Liverpool on Alice in Wonderland.

Lots of surrealist  stuff by Dali (including his short film collaboration with Walt Disney, called 'Destino'), Max Ernst, Paul Nash and John Armstrong. The British Surrealist Group in 1936 was also dubbed 'The Children of Alice'. A series of screenprints by Peter Blake (1970) had some jazzy touches of colour. There was a great selection of Alice in Wonderland publications, including illustrated versions by Tove Jansson (1960), Ralph Steadman (1972), Andrei Martynov (1993), Lisbeth Zwerger (1999) and Deloss McGraw (2001). My favourite images were 2 large  and slightly unsettling intaglio prints by Kiki Smith, 'Pool of Tears' (2000) and 'Come Away from Her' (2003). These are based on Lewis Carroll/Frank Dobson's own sketches. Plenty of inspiration!

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