Sunday 8 February 2009

Rachel Goodyear

I came across this artist at the exhibition at The Cornerhouse last month The Intertwining Line. Her pictures of animals are beautifully drawn but quite unsettling. I've posted Standing Dogs and Bats Roosting In the Underbelly of Dog. She has a solo exhibition currently running in Manchester (The International 3, Fairfield Street). Website

"This collection of new drawings by Manchester-based artist Rachel Goodyear, presents captured moments in a world where social etiquette and boundaries no longer, or maybe never, applied.
Goodyear's drawings are suffused with a gentle menace, displaying a mass of ambiguous truths and blatant invention. They walk the line between playful curiosity and sadistic torment, revealing a place where the mundane and the spectacular, the blessed and the cursed, dwell in uneasy accord" (Cornerhouse blurb.)

Plenty of space around the images too!

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