Tuesday 2 December 2008


I have been looking at the following agencies:- Inkshed, Central Illustration & Eastwing. I note that both Inkshed & Eastwing do stock illustrations too. 
Inkshed represent almost 30 illustrators, including Ian Pollock, Lo Cole (illustration physical illness & mental health), Leonie Lord (illustration - I love to eat sardine sandwiches), Michelle Thompson & Rose Forshall.
CIA , founded by Brian Grimwood (musicians illustration), represents over 80 illustrators, including Jeff Fisher, MH Jeeves(Illustration -woman playing violin with a saw), Adrian Johnson, Tim Marrs (Go Green illustration), Paul Wearing (black woman, white lines) & Sarah Young (figures with butterfly).
Eastwing Illustration Agency represents about 25 illustrators, including Nelly Dimitranova (wonderful linework), Rhona Garvin (swimmers), Damian Gascoigne (bike), Matthew Richardson & Ian Whadcock.

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  1. You could try to contact these agenices Anna to see how they make their selections of artists. Also try to identify which one you think you would also it into or ask other illustrators about the pro's and con's of both.