Friday 24 October 2008

Heart Agency

I love most of the illustrations from the Heart Agency and have picked out my favourites. These images from Heart are all lively, quirky and even naive and with a definate hand drawn/painted quality about them. The shapes tend to be watery/transparent/sprayed and soft. The lines are mostly flowing and continuous. All the images grab 
my attention and make me want to explore them more. Sometimes it is the contrast of the loose watery shapes with the controlled line, sometimes the simplicity, other times the mood or the movement. Simon Pemberton's and Tom Gauld's compositions are very dramatic. Laura Harwood's and Shonagh Rae's colour combinations are very striking. Alan Baker often only puts down parts of figures, which leaves me puzzling over the missing bits.
I am having difficulties posting these images on my blog so they relate to the captions & text - so will post several entries. The images on this post (from top to bottom) are from Tom Gauld, Laura Carlin, Anna Bhushan (couple & stars), Luke Best, Alan Baker & Ceri Amphlett (fishes & bear face).

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